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Matt Cochran

I have extensive experience building and leading highly productive and efficient product and technology organizations with hands-on software architecture, system design, and software development skills. I have over 20 years experience specializing in process management, systems architecture, project design, and defining business-driven technical strategies and roadmaps.

  • Skilled in defining both system and project design, detailed technical design, communicating viable technical options based on time/cost/risk and identifying opportunities for gaining competitive business advantages

  • Specializing in defining and designing large, scalable, distributed, secure web-based platforms and solutions.

  • Experienced leadership skills including staffing, team building, mentoring, establishing proven technical and manufacturing processes, large-scale project design and execution.

I started Vetrify to help you ‘vet’ various aspects of your software projects and processes and give you access to all the tools and knowledge I have gathered over the years to stay on-track and maximize your chances of success.

I hope Vetrify helps you succeed in your next project or improve your current one.

Best of luck,

Matt Cochran - CTO and Founder, Vetrify

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